Organic and Natural Farming Systems

Although, both organic and natural farming systems are non-chemical systems of farming largely relying on diversity, on-farm biomass management, rejuvenation of natural nutrient recycling, crop rotation, multiple cropping and efficient resource recycling but with following differences:

  • Organic systems in addition to above are open to use of off-farm purchased organic and biological inputs and need based soil correction through natural mined minerals,
  • Natural farming systems are based on biomass mulching, round the year green cover, indigenous cow-based dung and urine formulations in exclusion of all purchased inputs organic, biological or otherwise.

Government of India is promoting both these non-chemical systems of agriculture. Natural farming, through National Mission on Natural Farming (NMNF) and organic farming through Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojna (PKVY) and Mission Organic Value Chain Development for North Eastern Region (MOVCDNER).