About Bhartiya Prakratik Krishi Paddhati (BPKP)

The Zero Budget Natural Farming has been renamed as Government started promoting Natural Farming since 2019 through a sub-scheme- Bhartiya Prakritik Krishi Paddhti (BPKP)under an umbrella scheme of Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojna (PKVY). BPKP was aimed at promoting traditional indigenous practices which gives freedom to farmers from externally purchased inputs and islargely based on on-farm biomass recycling with major stress on biomass mulching, use of cow dung-urine formulations and plant based preparations in exclusion of all synthetic chemical inputs directly or indirectly. Under BPKP the financial assistances were provided for 3 years @ Rs. 12,200/ha.

Components of BPKP

  1. Deployment of manpower and management cost for 1000 ha Block level implementation of programme including data management and uploading (@ Rs 4,500/ha for 3 years)
  2. Cluster formation and Capacity building including exposure visits, and trainings of field functionaries (@ Rs 3,000/ha for 3 years)
  3. PGS certification & Residue analysis (@ Rs 2,700/ha for 3 years)
  4. Incentive to farmers as DBT (reduced from 31,000/ ha to Rs. 2,000/ha)
  5. ...