National Steering Committee

At the national level, National Mission on Natural Farming steered through a National Steering Committee (NSC) under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Agriculture Minister. NSC will be the policy making body providing overall direction and guidance to Mission, monitor and review its progress and performance. NSC will be empowered to lay down and amend operational guidelines. NSC shall comprise of following members:


1.1 National Steering Committee (NSC) at DA&FW:

1.2 Constitution of Advisory Committee for promotion of Natural Farming (ACPNF)


The NSC will meet at least twice a year.

1.3 National Executive Committee

The National Steering Committee will be assisted by a National Executive Committee (NEC), constituted at the level of the DA&FW, that will guide the National Mission on Natural Farming. NEC shall sanction the proposals from central lead agencies and from states, oversee the implementation of the Mission, undertake monitoring, surveillance and suggest mid-course correction (if needed). The NEC shall comprise of following members: