To implement self-sustainable and self-generating natural farming systems for freedom from purchased inputs with the aim to cut down on cost of cultivation, enhance farmers income and ensure resource conservation and safe & healthy soils, environment and food.


National Mission on Natural farming aims at creating institutional capacities for documentation and dissemination of best practices, make practicing farmers as partners in promotion strategy, ensure capacity building and continuous handholding and finally attracting farmers to the natural farming willingly on the merit of the system.

  1. To promote alternative system of farming for freedom from external purchased inputs, cost reduction and thereby increasing income of farmers.
  2. To popularize integrated agriculture-animal husbandry models based on livestock and local resources.
  3. To collect, validate and document Natural Farming being practiced across country and encourage participatory research with farmers on up-scaling of the mission.
  4. To undertake activities for awareness creation, capacity building, promotion and demonstration of Natural Farming.
  5. To create standards, certification procedure and branding for Natural Farming products.